Health for a Purpose

PROFESSION: Cellular Healing and Detoxification Specialist
AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Gut Health, Anti Aging, Cellular Healing, Root Cause of Illness, Tissue Regenerative Technology (TRT) Pain Management, Heavy Metal Detox
LOCATION: Grapevine, TX
PHONE NUMBER: 817-488-7488
EMAIL: info@healthforapurpose.com
WEBSITE: www.healthforapurpose.com

Tammy Stewart is a Certified Cellular Detoxification and Health Practitioner who has been passionately delivering customized detoxification and healing protocols serving the Dallas/Fort Worth community and others across the world (virtually) since 2008.

She is one of a small group of health practitioners in the United States who study and work as experts on Cellular Healing.

Having overcome her own and her family’s neurotoxic illnesses using the latest unique multi- therapeutic strategies that help heal the cell, Tammy believes that all of us have control over our own health if the body is functioning at its optimum level.

The primary focus of her work at Health for a Purpose is to help reduce cellular inflammation and improve cellular function by removing interferences such as heavy metal toxicity, bio-toxins, and poor nutrition. This is done through natural, multi-therapeutic strategies customized for your own body and condition.

Tammy is also one of the first health practitioners to have been approved and trained to use the FDA Cleared “Softwave Therapy System”, called The Stem Cell Machine, to help trigger regenerative effects on tissue including skin, bone, and nerves.

The Stem Cell Machine delivers a patented acoustic wave technology which is in use today to break up kidney stones, and as a standard for pain treatment in Europe.

It is a great complementary therapy providing results very quickly by reducing cellular inflammation, acute and chronic pain and injury and enhances performance for athletes or others who’s work physically demanding.

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