Family Health & Wellness of Plano

We deliver personalized healthcare experience that is tailored for each patient’s needs and is respectful of their belief system as it relates to health.

A premier multi-specialty medical practice which gives a whole new meaning to primary care. We offer primary medical care, chiropractic and physical medicine, medical massage, IV Infusion and nutritional therapy, and medical esthetics, all aimed at maximizing the health and wellness of its patients by preventing disease, treating illness, and promoting a healthy state of mind.


Ronit Mor ND Functional Health Services

We inspire and guide you to take action and proactively optimize your well-being.

OUR MISSION is to educate, empower and guide you as you resolve root causes, reclaim your health and unleash your life.

WE HELP you identify and remove obstacles that interfere with your body’s innate self-healing capacity.

WE PARTNER with you to proactively take measures to maintain wellness, vitality and quality of life.

WE CONSERVE your precious resources of time and money by helping you avoid unnecessary tests and treatments.


Integrative Pain and Wellness Center

Direct Physician Access

Tired of spending two hours at your doctors office for only ten minutes with the doctor or waiting days to receive an answer to question for your doctor?

With Direct Primary Care you can contact your doctors when you need them via text, email, or phone.  We only schedule one patient appointment at a time, so you are not waiting for hours.  We also offer longer appointment times so that you can ask any questions you may have and your doctor has the time to personalize your care.  Whether it’s for a routine check up or to refill a prescription; we are here to help you when you need us!


My Vision Warrior

Our mission is to change the world one dream at a time by helping individuals discover, clarify and accelerate realization of their Dream Vision.

With over my 35+ years of business transformation leadership, David Roberts has been the driving force behind the growth and transformation of numerous organizations. He leads a multi-faceted consulting, and marketing company focused on business vision, growth and development. His Unique Value is “connecting the dots”, delivering high performance and strategic transformation to leaders and organizations across all industries of all sizes ultimately becoming their Vision Warrior.