Welcome valued affiliate!

We’re so happy to make you a part of the My Wellbeing Compass team. Now that we’ve added you to our system as an affiliate, you’re ready to get your account set up and grab your affiliate link. Here’s a quick start guide that you can reference anytime.  

How to Use Your Affiliate Link to Earn Referral Commissions

You can share your affiliate link on your social media pages, in newsletters, on your website, or directly to your patients. When someone clicks the link, their actions are tied to your account. In your reports, you’ll see the number of people that clicked your link and how many converted into a sale.

Login to Access Your Affiliate Account

  1. Go to https://mywellbeingcompass.com/wp-admin.
  2. Input your username (or email address) and password.

How to Set Up Your Account The First Time

  1. Log in to My Wellbeing Compass.
  2. Go to the Affiliate Referrals tab on the left-hand sidebar. You’ll find this under “Profile” or “Users.”
  3. Look for “Enable Affiliate Links” and select “Yes please” in the dropdown box.
  4. Update Your Paypal email address (please note that you must have a valid Paypal address on file to receive your referral commissions).
  5. Click “Update Settings”.

Add Your Website Address

  1. If you have a website where you will be posting links to My Wellbeing Compass, go the Yellow Box and click edit.
  2. Add your website address under Affiliate Advanced Settings.
  3. Look for the “Update Settings” button and click it to save changes.
  4. When you add your website address, we’ll make sure that any link to My Wellbeing Compass that you post on your site will be credited to your account.

Find Your Monthly Referral Commission

  1. Click the Affiliate Referrals tab on the left-hand sidebar.
  2. The graph will display the number of unique clicks you receive in a month.
  3. Under the graph, each month is broken down with your referral clicks, earnings, and debits.

Find Your Affiliate Link

  1. Go to the Affiliate Referrals tab on the left-hand sidebar.
  2. Click the edit button in the yellow bar.
  3. Look under Affiliate Details for your unique code.
  4. Use this code anytime you want to promote My Wellbeing Compass.

Grab Banners For Your Website With Your Unique Affiliate Link

  1. Go to the Affiliate Banners tab on the left-hand sidebar.
  2. Choose the banner you like.
  3. Highlight the full code under the image.
  4. Place the code in blog posts, webpages, sidebars, or newsletters. (For more help on this, see your web developer, or read below to learn how to embed your affiliate banner code)

Embedding Your Affiliate Banner Code on WordPress Pages or Posts

  1. This banner will have your unique affiliate link attached to it as long as you paste the code in its entirety.
  2. Find the page or blog post where you want to add the affiliate banner.
  3. Click the text tab to paste the code.
  4. Click the visual tab to see the image displayed.