PROFESSION: Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Hypnotherapist, Mediator
AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Hypnotherapy, Cognitive-Behavorial Therapy, Family Mediation, Parenting Facilitation and Coordination
LOCATION: Frisco & Denton, TX
PHONE NUMBER: 972-743-2100

MaryAnn is a licensed clinical social worker, practicing psychotherapist, and clinical hypnotherapist with a fervent heart for serving others.

She had received a master’s degree in social work, allowing her to practice clinical psychotherapy independently. She acquired her master’s degree at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Driven with a passion to encourage and strengthen those around her, she has been helping clients with smoking cessation, weight management, depression, anxiety, and a myriad of other issues for twenty years. As a family therapist, she’s been committed for decades to the mediation of those who are going through and recovering from divorce.

MaryAnn entered into the field of clinical social work because of her insatiable desire for helping people who are searching for answers. Through her extensive work, she quickly discovered the immense connection between spiritual and mental health. She finds joy in assisting her clients, guiding them to link their thoughts about their spirituality to their wellbeing. Hypnosis is an excellent avenue in that direction.

Having been trained in clinical hypnotherapy for more than fifteen years, most of her instruction has been through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis—a reputable society whose members are exclusively physicians, dentists, psychologists, psychotherapists or nurses.

MaryAnn truly believes that there are various facets to a person’s wellbeing such as spirituality, dietary habits, exercise, and healthy thinking. All this effects how information is processed and how relationships are developed. With this knowledge, she strives to improve her clients’ quality of life through an effective, holistic approach.

In her pursuit of championing those around her, she believes a holistic approach to therapy has a plethora of benefits concerning her clients’ mental health rather than solely utilizing “talk therapy.” Talk Therapy certainly has a place in addressing mental dis-ease, but it isn’t the only—or main—avenue to help a person reach optimal wellness.

One of her goals is to assist people along their journey to greater wellness. In some cases, that involves delving into a client’s past, but she prefers assessing the current situation and options for improving what needs to be worked on, bolstering the good which already exists, and focusing on a brighter future.

MaryAnn is experiencing the beauty of life by painting, training for a triathlon, and spending time with her grandkids.

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