Agape Center For Spiritual Living

PROFESSION: New Thought Minister
AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Conscious Living and Personal Transformation through Self-Love
PHONE NUMBER: 972-317-6605

Rev Lee Wolak is the Founder and Spiritual Director of the Agape Center for Spiritual Living in Frisco, Texas. Rev. Lee started Agape on Sunday March 1, 2009. Agape is an inclusive community that teaches how to better self-love through conscious living. Rev Lee has traveled to India and Peru as he continues his study to find spiritual tools that will assist him and his community in reaching higher levels of awareness. Rev. Lee completed his ministerial studies at the Holmes Institute and received a M.A. in Consciousness Studies in June 2007.

Lee is an experienced teacher, workshop facilitator and enjoys bringing multiple types of experiential processes into the learning process. He believes that the process of embodying the Science of Mind is the combination of both an intellectual understanding and living a life that is heart centered in spiritual principles. It is through the combination of understanding and living that true spiritual transformation takes place.

Prior to becoming a Minister, Lee spent 32 years in the corporate world as an executive in the insurance industry. This experience has given him a unique level of experience that he now brings to his spiritual center as a spiritual counselor and coach. Lee is a very effective communicator and believes that a team given a common mission and understanding can accomplish more than any single individual.

Lee’s passion for the teachings of Science of Mind shows in everything he does. He believes that when one lives centered in these teachings anyone can experience a life where each and every moment is filled with joy and abundance. Lee’s mission is to use his talents to help make the Agape Center for Spiritual Living a home where any and all individuals can come and share their journey of self-discovery. Lee is married to Jean Wolak, a licensed practitioner at the center. They have two sons, Stephen and Matthew.