Regen IV Wellness 

PROFESSION: Integrative Registered Nurse
AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Medical Ozone, IV Nutritional Therapy
PHONE NUMBER: 214-326-0033

Jose Baldazo, RN, EMT-P is the owner and primary nurse of Regen IV Wellness Center. He has been trained in all aspects of medical ozone, including Prolozone and PRP injection therapy, by the President of the American Association of Ozonotherapy, Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD. He has also been trained in IV Nutritional Therapy by Drs. Virginia Osborne, ND and Paul Anderson, ND.

Jose started his healthcare career as a firefighter/paramedic responding to all types of 911 emergency calls. He observed a troubling pattern among all economic populations which revolved around maladaptive lifestyle choices resulting in nutritional deficiencies and the continuation of underlying disease processes.

It was during nursing school that Jose started seeing Dr. Gonino at the Gonino Center for Healing. The years of responding to emergency calls at all hours within a 24 hour period, had finally taken a toll on his health. He was chronically sleep deprived and suffering from chronic fatigue. With Dr. Gonino’s guidance he was able to detox from heavy metals acquired from years of fire and road side flare exposure, lose excess weight, optimized his nutritional levels, and was finally able to sleep more than 6 hours a night.

Regen IV Wellness Center
Regen IV Wellness was founded with the purpose of bringing integrative and complementary therapies to greater number of people in the DFW area at an affordable price. Our goal is to address root cause issues through nutritional optimization to maximize one’s potential for self-healing and wellness.  Our Medical Director,Dr. John Gonino, DO, has over the past 20 years instituted a 15-point wellness program with a large number of success stories at Gonino Center for Healing in Health, TX.

Dr. John Gonino started his private practice in 1994 in Rowlett, TX. In December of 1995 when his wife (a thyroid cancer survivor) became unexplainably fatigued he started exploring integrative medicine. Through the direct teachings of Majid Ali, M.D. (President of the American Academy of Preventative Medicine) Dr. and Mrs. Gonino were able to bring her back to health. Dr. Gonino is a Member of the American Medical Association and the American Osteopathic Association for over 20yrs. He is also a member of ACAM (American College for Advancement in Medicine.)

Enjoy the following interview with the President of the American Association of Ozonotherapy, Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD:

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