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PROFESSION: Doctor of Chiropractic
AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Chiropractic Care, Upper Cervical Chiropractic, Pediatrics & Pregnancy, Neuropathy Relief, Nutrition & Functional Medicine
PHONE NUMBER: 972-612-1800

I had just graduated from Humble High School and was truly disillusioned with my studies at The University of Houston. As many High School graduates feel, I just didn’t have a clue as to “what I wanted to be when I grew up.” I thought it was a good idea to take some time off to determine what direction that may be. Well, my father didn’t share my enthusiasm. So, I headed out to find a full-time job while on my “break.”

Little did I know that my career path would soon reveal itself through the life changes I was witness to while a Chiropractic Assistant.  In this role, I wanted to further my studies in natural healing and in 1995 I concluded my studies in massage therapy. I then started a thriving massage practice in Austin, Texas and worked closely with area chiropractors. However, in 1997, after seeing a child that the medical doctors gave up on regaining her health and vitality through chiropractic care, I realized that I needed to do more.

Becoming a Chiropractor was the calling I had been waiting for…
Chiropractic was the calling I had been waiting for all this time and I immediately started working on the prerequisites to enter Chiropractic College. I finally began my studies at Parker College of Chiropractic in January of 2001. I was truly humbled every day by how miraculous the human body is and how powerful it can be if and when the nervous system is functioning optimally. I graduated in January 2005 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Anatomy and Doctorate of Chiropractic.

In 2004 I married my husband, Ron and had a son, Gavin, in 2005 and a daughter, Madeline, in 2009. Both of our children were born with the aid of a midwife, outside a hospital, which was one of the most beautiful experiences of our lives. Both of our children received a chiropractic adjustment within hours of being born. Chiropractic is essentially the only form of healthcare they know. We have chosen not to vaccinate and only use a family medical doctor that specializes in homeopathy for yearly check-ups.

Committed to living a wellness lifestyle:
There are not many parents that can say that their children have never been prescribed ANY drug (not even antibiotics!), or have the severe allergies and chronic health conditions like asthma that have become so pervasive with children today that its sadly considered normal! As our family grew, so did our commitment to living a wellness lifestyle. Living congruently between our spiritual, home and work life is crucial to being able to provide quality preventive healthcare. We have found that by striving to put God first in our lives it helps us keep the proper perspective and making the right decisions in life much easier.  I never expect our practice members to make changes in their lifestyle that I or my family wouldn’t strive to do ourselves!

Whatever your health goals, we are here for you!
I believe that health is our most important asset, and our office is here to support you in becoming the very best version of yourself. But, I also realize that not everyone is ready to completely dive into changing every aspect of their life. I actually never recommend that, as it usually sets one up for failure. In our office, you are the boss. I will give you my best recommendations to achieve your desired goals and we work as a team to get you there using logical and achievable steps.

Give our Plano office a call so we can help you take your first step towards better health.

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