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My life has transformed completely since I took MyBodyScore™ 6 months ago! My chronic conditions- type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and weight gain- have been resolving rapidly. Based on MyBodyScore™ observations, my naturopath (with close supervision of my cardiologist) has successfully guided me through modifying my nutrition and lifestyle choices. Both my meds and excess weight have reduced significantly! I did not realize it would be possible to feel that healthy and happy at age 74!

Barbara M., Salt Lake City, UT

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MyBodyScore™ is a proven, functional tool that identifies potential root causes at the core of your condition. It consists of a comprehensive questionnaire carefully designed by expert professionals to help you connect the dots between your conditions and your nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices, while providing you and your professional health team with a personalized report to help guide your next steps on your road back to optimal health.

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