Eco Health and Wellness – Thermography

PROFESSION: Naturopath, Holistic Health Practitioner, Thermography
AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Naturopathy, Whole Body Thermography, Detoxification
LOCATION: Grapevine, TX
PHONE NUMBER: 817-800-1685
EMAIL: dina@ecohealthandwellness.org 
WEBSITE: https://ecohealthandwellness.org 

Dina Walls is a Naturopath, Certified Nutritional Counselor, Nutritional Herbalist, Thermographer and Consultant. Her Wellness business, located in Grapevine and Fort Worth, focuses on Thermography and Interpretation while offering personalized wellness and detoxification programs. The detoxification programs are structured for specific needs based on Food Sensitivities, Micronutrients and toxicity exposure and she works closely with professionals who target specific pathways of detoxification. “It is definitely a Collaborative approach to a detox journey.”

Her passion is Biological Dental transitioning where she helps transition conventional dental offices into a “Green Practice.” As a TMJ Rehabilitation Therapist, she works with specifically trained dentists treating migraine therapy and other chronic pain relating to neuromuscular and TMJ disorders.

Her vision started over 18 years ago when she entered Holistic Dentistry and saw first hand the seriousness of what it takes to help patients progress in their overall health. “I was in shock coming from traditional dental practices to the Holistic Dental field, where not only did I see protection and preventative protocols in dental procedures , I saw extreme gratification from the patients and their families. I had always known the importance of whole body approach to health but this is where all the pieces started coming together.”

She helped to create a consulting program to help transition conventional dental offices into “green practices” and on a larger scale, implementing a four level program completely transitioning those practices into a fully functioning biological dental practice.

Thermography is a large part of her wellness business. She uses the FDA approved Alfathermo Diagnostic Alfasight 9000. Grounded in the science of Regulation Thermography, the Alfasight 9000 provides a visible measurement of the Autonomic Nervous systems and a comprehensive assessment of the neurologically controlled terrains that often create or sustain disease environments. She chooses this particular system because the practitioners and their patients can see a Bigger picture in how their body is responding to stressors. The results are reproducible so its easy for patients and their practitioner to see their progress.

She made a commitment in 2012, the day after her mother passed away with cancer, that she would promote and teach preventative methods for optimum health. Her dissertation for her Naturopathy degree was “ Oral Cavity- The Portal to Health” and became the foundation of her upcoming book, Body Whispers: Before the Scream.

She hosts “Body Whispers” workshops on a regular basis to help communities recognize local practitioners and their specialties. Her goal is working together with practitioners to help patients thrive in a world of confusing and conflicting information regarding health and wellness.

She is a member of the PMA (Pastoral Medical Association), AHHA (American Holistic Health Assoc.), CFSP ( Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner).

She attended University of Arkansas (Fort Smith Branch), Oklahoma State University and Received her Naturopathy Degree from Trinity School of Natural Health. Her training for AlfaSight 9000 was completed through Alfathermo Diagnostics. She’s been mentored and continues to work with some of the best Biological Dentists in the world. She has completed many certification courses, such as Deitrich Klinghards Autonomic Response Testing, Deanna Minich’s Food and Spirit, Oral Systemic Balance’s Therapeutic Approach (“which helped tremendously with my OCD”), TCD (True Cellular Detox) and more.

Dina enjoys reading material that inspires the soul, running ( it is my therapy) , traveling and visiting family and friends.