My Vision Warrior

PROFESSION: Leadership Coach
AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Transformation and Growth Architect
PHONE NUMBER: 469-879-1850
EMAIL: david@myvisionwarrior.com
WEBSITE: MyVisionWarrior.com

David Roberts is the Business Strategy Consultant of My Wellbeing Compass LLC. He is often referred to as The Vision Warrior. His Unique Vision is to Change the World One Dream at a Time by helping his clients elicit, clarify and accelerate realization of THEIR Dream Vision.

He is the author of the Vision Challenge and (soon to be Best Seller) Vision Warrior: Survive and Thrive in the Zombie Apocalypse.

David is co-founder and CVO (Chief Vision Officer) of the Business Growth Network, a non-profit Network of Aspiring Leaders succeeding through Vision, Networking, Education, and Action

David is committed and passionate about developing and growing relationships for the purpose of building powerful networks founded in trust and mutual benefit. To this end he is the organizer and leader of Richardson/Plano Networkers.

During his 35+ years of business transformation leadership David has been the driving force behind the growth and transformation of numerous organizations. As Founder and CEO of MyVisionWarrior.com  (previously Roberts High Performance), he leads a multi-faceted consulting, and marketing company focused on business and personal vision, growth and development.

David’s Unique Value is “connecting the dots”, delivering high performance and strategic transformation to individuals, leaders, and organizations across all industries of all sizes (Fortune 500, to Churches, schools, small businesses and individuals) ultimately becoming their Vision Warrior.