What It Takes to Create and Live a LIFE YOU Absolutely Love (and why many fall short)

Inside each person is a desire for more, to do more, have more, and to be more.  This is LIFE trying to express itself through you.

What this really means is that within each of us is a dream, a goal, an achievement that is trying to express through us and our unique gifts.  And yet, how many people are living a life that they LOVE, where they are expressing their dreams fully in their own lives?  How many are just going through the motions, feeling like this is all there is, just spending their time in unsatisfying situations and thinking that is the way life is?

So what can you do if this sounds like you?

First of all know that you can achieve anything that you really want.  This is not wishful thinking.  It is 100% true and is not a complicated process.  Life operates under universal laws that hold true for everyone and everything, much like gravity.  The law of gravity works whether you know about it or not.  These universal laws or principles work whether you are aware of them are not. 

The results you have in your life are simply a matter of one of these Universal Laws, the Law of Cause and Effect.  BUT, just changing your behaviors (or trying to) can be a slow and unpleasant way to create temporary changes at best.

If you really want more in your life, you must go to a deeper level, the level of your beliefs and thoughts.  This is where results are created.  There has to be change at the level of your thinking and believing for your dreams to become possible.

Every result you have in your life now, whether wanted or not, is the result of your beliefs and thoughts, and most importantly those beliefs and thoughts you are unconscious of.  This is precisely why most New Year Resolutions are quickly abandoned.  And when you have been pursuing goals and dreams that aren’t yours, you will experience frustration, resentment, anger, blaming, complaining, anxiety, and depression.

So now that you are aware of what creates the results you currently have in your life, I invite you to take a look at your life now in 4 areas: 

RELATIONSHIPS – This can be your partner, parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, employees, even with yourself – are you harboring any dissatisfaction in this area, any resentments or needing to forgive?   What relationships are you not highly satisfied with?

HEALTH & WELLBEING – You have this one body to get you through this lifetime.  How well is it holding up?  How does it feel to be inside your body?  Are you able to dance if you want to dance, pain free?  Are you in the shape you’d love to be in?   How is your self-talk?   What is your level of stress?   What results in this area would you love to improve?

CAREER/VOCATION – You spend much of your time in this area.  Do you LOVE what you do, who you do it with, the rewards and pay for your work?   Does your work take time away from other things that are important to you?  Do you make too little money? Where is your satisfaction tank not 100% full in this area of your life?

TIME and MONEY Freedom – Do you have the freedom of time and money to do the things you’d really love to do?  Are you able to be at your kids’ events when you want?  Are you able to spend quality time with your significant other?  Are you free to travel as much as you’d like?  Are you able to live in a home or location that you absolutely love?  Where is your longing and your discontent with your Time and Money Freedom?

How long have you been struggling with this?  What is this costing you? 

Spend some time answering the above questions.  Journal  your answers so you can come back to them.

This is your life up until now!  You created these results.

The good news is you can change your results.

Now ask yourself the following question: 

What would I love in each area of my life if I could have it anyway I want? 

Spend some time imagining what you would love – in detail, how it would feel, what would it smell like, who would be with you, how you would feel.

What would you love to experience in your relationships?

How would you love to feel in your body, and have it transport you through your life?

What would you love to experience in your vocation?  How would you LOVE to feel after completing a goal or meeting a milestone? 

What would you love your time and money freedom to allow you? 

Write it down!!  Get excited about it.

This is great!  You can see your current results.  You have your big vision for what you would love. 

Notice there is a gap, a distance, between your current results and your desired life? 

Most people try to bridge that gap on their own, without dealing with their limiting belief system and thoughts, without a proven structure of support.  Most fail to achieve their desired life and resign themselves to this is just the way life is.   

This is NOT the way life is.  This is what you have created on autopilot.  Almost every great athlete or business person who is functioning at a “thriving” or “expanding” level has invested in a coach for that proven structure of support and accountability, as well as identifying blind spots in their beliefs and thoughts, and partnering with them in believing in their dreams.   

Success and failure are not due to luck, circumstances, degrees, age, money, or time.  Success is a result of knowing and dealing with the root cause of your result – your subconscious limiting beliefs and thoughts, and getting clear on what it is you would love.   

If you would love to spend an hour with me getting clarity on your dreams and your true vision for your life, and what actions you can take to bring them about in your life, request a complimentary Strategy Session by completing a brief form at:  http://www.susanwkennedy.com/request-strategy-session/

More life is always desiring to seek expression through you.  It is as natural as breathing. What would you LOVE for your life?

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you, and you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”      Mary Morrissey


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Distress or Chronic Stress

Distress or chronic stress is uncontrollable, prolonged, or overwhelming stress. Once stress becomes distress, the body manages to survive though not always to thrive. For example, when faced with periods of chronic stress, the body’s immune system function is lowered, and the digestive, excretory, and reproductive systems no longer function the way they should. In a state of distress, the cells of the immune system (and other body systems) are unable to respond normally and produce levels of inflammation which increase the risk of further health issues.


Homeostasis refers to your body’s ability to regulate itself and maintain a comparatively stable internal environment despite external and internal conditions and events.

Your body is designed to be in a state of homeostasis, where all the systems within are functioning optimally.


Stressor is anything that is perceived by the body as challenging, threatening or demanding.

Health Story

In the context of My Wellbeing Compass, your “Health Story” represents the combination of your dis-eases, conditions, symptoms and the history that binds them together. It is multi-layered and multi-dimensional. Unearthing and resolving the root causes at the core of your Health Story is the only way to truly rewrite this Story.

Natural Self-repair Mechanisms

The body is made up of intelligent, living cells that are dynamically connected. They communicate and just know what to do and when to do it in any given situation. They grow, replicate, repair, and age. Every 90 days, the body has a new bloodstream; every year, it manufactures billions of new cells; colon cells refresh every 4 days; the skin is entirely regenerated every 2-3 weeks; white blood cells regenerate in about 1 year; the liver renews itself at least once every 2 years; and the skeleton replaces its cells entirely every 10 years.

You are an incredibly complex, interactive, and dynamic living organism that is well-equipped with self-repair mechanisms that can fight infections, eliminate toxins, fix damaged DNA, destroy cancer cells, and even slow down aging.

This natural self-healing ability (also referred to as cellular intelligence or body’s innate intelligence) explains spontaneous remissions from seemingly “incurable” diseases.


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