It’s so Fascia-nating!

Do you sit in front of a computer all day and begin to notice pains in your shoulders and neck?

Remember that accident you had several years ago that didn’t seem to leave lasting problems but lately you wake up with low back pain?

The culprit could lie within the fascia.

Fascia is the biological fabric that holds us together, the connective tissue network.

Fascia is essential between stability and movement — crucial in high performance, central in recovery from injury and disability, and ever-present in our daily lives.

Scar tissue and adhesions within muscles and fascia are formed, which limits motion and often causes pain. Scar tissue and adhesions essentially act like super glue in your body. When scar tissue is created after injury, new cells are laid down excessively and in a disorganized manner. Scar tissue/adhesions prevent the muscle or other tissues from lengthening appropriately.

It is often necessary for a therapist to restart the healing process in order to remodel the soft tissues in the affected area. Scar tissue can be remodeled so that the cells become organized in a direction that better promotes movement.

Myo-fascial release through decompression or (cupping) therapy is very beneficial for these issues. The pulling of the tissue breaks up the scar tissue and adhesions and allows blood and oxygen to flow into the damaged tissues. The dead cells and toxins are then released into your lymphatic system for disposal. Apart from the immediate realization of increased range of motion and decrease in pain, the process is usually quite comfortable and after a few sessions it becomes very relaxing.

Also, it is crucial to maintain hydration so that the fascial fibers can glide and do not become sticky or stuck. Drinking water is vital but some of the tissues are too dehydrated to absorb the water. Cupping and lifting the tissues manually helps to move the fluids.

The cups should be used in a moving cross fiber motion and a pulling vertical action to promote the elimination of lymphatic fluid and cellular waste along with stationary cups on the trigger points and fascia groups.

Dana Russell, the Cupping Guru, combines this therapy with massage, heat and medicinal grade essential oils for a very effective therapeutic experience.


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Distress or Chronic Stress

Distress or chronic stress is uncontrollable, prolonged, or overwhelming stress. Once stress becomes distress, the body manages to survive though not always to thrive. For example, when faced with periods of chronic stress, the body’s immune system function is lowered, and the digestive, excretory, and reproductive systems no longer function the way they should. In a state of distress, the cells of the immune system (and other body systems) are unable to respond normally and produce levels of inflammation which increase the risk of further health issues.


Homeostasis refers to your body’s ability to regulate itself and maintain a comparatively stable internal environment despite external and internal conditions and events.

Your body is designed to be in a state of homeostasis, where all the systems within are functioning optimally.


Stressor is anything that is perceived by the body as challenging, threatening or demanding.

Health Story

In the context of My Wellbeing Compass, your “Health Story” represents the combination of your dis-eases, conditions, symptoms and the history that binds them together. It is multi-layered and multi-dimensional. Unearthing and resolving the root causes at the core of your Health Story is the only way to truly rewrite this Story.

Natural Self-repair Mechanisms

The body is made up of intelligent, living cells that are dynamically connected. They communicate and just know what to do and when to do it in any given situation. They grow, replicate, repair, and age. Every 90 days, the body has a new bloodstream; every year, it manufactures billions of new cells; colon cells refresh every 4 days; the skin is entirely regenerated every 2-3 weeks; white blood cells regenerate in about 1 year; the liver renews itself at least once every 2 years; and the skeleton replaces its cells entirely every 10 years.

You are an incredibly complex, interactive, and dynamic living organism that is well-equipped with self-repair mechanisms that can fight infections, eliminate toxins, fix damaged DNA, destroy cancer cells, and even slow down aging.

This natural self-healing ability (also referred to as cellular intelligence or body’s innate intelligence) explains spontaneous remissions from seemingly “incurable” diseases.


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