Immune Health and Ionic Foot Detox

The human body is a composition of the innumerable count of cells that together form tissues and organ system. It tends to accumulate various impurities, metals, and toxic elements over some time due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Alike machines, the body also needs lubricants from time to time for cleansing, smooth functioning and healthy running of all the organs.
Detoxification acts as a lubricant for the body. It draws out toxic substances and heavy metals from the body. It stimulates the liver to perform the action and weed out toxins through the kidneys, intestines, and lungs. It also regulates optimum blood circulation and refills the body with essential nutrients.

But the question here is can a foot detox* aid to flush out toxins from the body?

Foot Detox not only may help to eliminate harmful toxins and heavy metals out of the body, it also may serve many purposes. It may help to balance the PH levels relieving stress, uplifting mood, reducing inflammation, terminating deleterious microorganisms, assisting in weight loss, providing resistance to the body to fight against diseases, as well as, keeping the heart healthy.

7 Fantastic Benefits Of Detox For Your Body

There are several benefits of flushing out toxins from your body through your feet. These benefits are as follows:

  1. The most primary advantage of it is that it removes toxins from your body. It is the chief purpose of foot detoxifiers.
  2. Further, it helps to reduce swelling by soothing your skin. It also aids to slow down the rate of formation of lactic acid in the muscles.
  3. Fosters your immune system.
  4. Helps to uplift your mood by hydrating your feet and refreshing your body.
  5. Assists in the process of weight loss by burning calories in your body.
  6. Regulates the blood sugar levels.
  7. Foot detox gets considered healthy for the heart as well. It helps to promote cardiovascular health and boosts your stamina.

These are just a few comments from some of my regular clients. These clients come in for repeated Ionic Foot Detox sessions with Feel The Freedom.

I slept very well last night.

I felt like I had more energy the day after a session.My joints and muscles are less achy and I have less discomfort.

The swelling went down in my ankles and legs.

My sinuses opened up and I seem to have less mucus.


*You may not partake in Foot Detox if you have a pacemaker or defibrillator. Also, you should not do foot detox every day, it is too much for the body. You may have sessions every other day.


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Distress or Chronic Stress

Distress or chronic stress is uncontrollable, prolonged, or overwhelming stress. Once stress becomes distress, the body manages to survive though not always to thrive. For example, when faced with periods of chronic stress, the body’s immune system function is lowered, and the digestive, excretory, and reproductive systems no longer function the way they should. In a state of distress, the cells of the immune system (and other body systems) are unable to respond normally and produce levels of inflammation which increase the risk of further health issues.


Homeostasis refers to your body’s ability to regulate itself and maintain a comparatively stable internal environment despite external and internal conditions and events.

Your body is designed to be in a state of homeostasis, where all the systems within are functioning optimally.


Stressor is anything that is perceived by the body as challenging, threatening or demanding.

Health Story

In the context of My Wellbeing Compass, your “Health Story” represents the combination of your dis-eases, conditions, symptoms and the history that binds them together. It is multi-layered and multi-dimensional. Unearthing and resolving the root causes at the core of your Health Story is the only way to truly rewrite this Story.

Natural Self-repair Mechanisms

The body is made up of intelligent, living cells that are dynamically connected. They communicate and just know what to do and when to do it in any given situation. They grow, replicate, repair, and age. Every 90 days, the body has a new bloodstream; every year, it manufactures billions of new cells; colon cells refresh every 4 days; the skin is entirely regenerated every 2-3 weeks; white blood cells regenerate in about 1 year; the liver renews itself at least once every 2 years; and the skeleton replaces its cells entirely every 10 years.

You are an incredibly complex, interactive, and dynamic living organism that is well-equipped with self-repair mechanisms that can fight infections, eliminate toxins, fix damaged DNA, destroy cancer cells, and even slow down aging.

This natural self-healing ability (also referred to as cellular intelligence or body’s innate intelligence) explains spontaneous remissions from seemingly “incurable” diseases.


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