TMJ Plus Wellness Center

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Biological Dentist, TMJ pain relief, Airway and Sleep Relief, Tongue Tie Release, Oral Surgery – Cavitations, Cermanic Implants
LOCATION: Grapevine, TX
PHONE NUMBER: 817-481-6888

After 19 years of practicing dentistry, and thousands of hours of continuing education, a recurring factor present for many of my patients was their experience with a break down of dentistry, health and chronic pain. My advanced studies have given me the resources to understand how muscles, TMJ position, posture, airway, teeth/ organ meridians and the way teeth bite all link to the total body health. That was the connection to understand why this was happening to these patients and the “a-ha” moment. My passion is to help you discover why your pain has happened and then give you choices to get relief. Tmj Plus is the name the embodies the source and the solution for your relief. You will find comfort that I can help you with all of your treatment from cleanings, oral surgery, dental work, ceramic implants, tmj relief, tongue tie release for posture and pain relief as well as airway tmj focused orthodontics. I even help children that are struggling with the same issues at an early age that we face as adults. The holistic part of my office is helping patients that have the dental body connection healed from looking at hidden sources of cavitation of infection in the bone that may be hidden but related to your body and organs. Using CBCT, Cone beam CT x-ray technology allow me to see in one picture is worth a thousand words of the why and how pain and health has changed. I work alongside a team: our osteopath, myofunctional therapist, thermography specialist, lymphatic massage specialist and cellular detox specialist all under one roof as our Tmj Plus Wellness Center. We can all work as a team to better serve your health goals.

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