Pure Path Wellness

PROFESSION: Wellness Practitioner
AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Lymphatic Drainage, Thermography
LOCATION: Grapevine, TX
PHONE NUMBER: 817-479-6000

Angela Twedell is a certified lymphatic therapist and owner of Pure Path Wellness.   Her passion is to help her clients in their health journey through educating clients on the importance of a clean, properly functioning lymphatic system.

She offers lymphatic drainage therapy beyond traditional manual methods of lymphatic drainage. Angela uses an Electro-Lymphatic system that can penetrate up to 6 inches to clean and clear the deeper lymph system along with the surface level vessels. Electro-Lymphatic Drainage using the XP2 is a combination of vibration, light and electrical waves to release the bond of stagnant lymph fluid. She also uses a Richway BioMat to dilate the circulatory vessels which helps to remove the waste from the Lymphatic fluid and deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the body. At the end of each session an IonCleanse Footbath completes the procedure to help pull the dissociated proteins out of the body, helping to reduce the symptoms of die-off.

Angela also offers Essential Life Technique in her practice. This is a gentle and precise application of essential oils to engage and accelerate the function of the lymphatic system. With the importance of healing the mind and spirit, Angela offers Raindrop Technique using specific oils that support the immune system to assist in bringing the body into structural/electrical balance and enabling the release of toxins. Thermography is also available for Angela’s clients, using the AlfaSight 9000, a radiation-free technique that reveals disturbances in the body on a cellular level.

Angela’s journey in alternative medicine was facilitated by the progress of addressing her own health ailments. Through this journey of self-discovery and continuous mastery to improve her physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, Angela discovered the desire of living a life full of happiness and health. The profound results of alternative healing led her on the path of seeking pure health for others. Combining her knowledge and expertise in whole body dentistry and various other modalities, she enjoys empowering others to take responsibility for their health through education and treatments.

Angela and her husband enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren. They enjoy traveling during “off-season” and visit their mountain-side cabin frequently. During her “down time” she likes to “nerd out” on continuing her education through reading and research.

Angela is a Registered Dental Assistant and is an advanced level certified lymphatic therapist, certified in Raindrop Technique and Essential Life Technique.  Angela is a Diplomate in Pastoral Medical Science through the Pastoral Medical Association and is a Licensed Spiritual Healer.  She served on the Board of Directors with the International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine and is a member with the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology, Hands on Trade, American Association of Dental Office Managers and American Dental Assistants Association.